To-go Meals During Coronavirus Outbreak

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  • The Neighborhood Table understands that people who usually attend our meals in person no longer have that option due to the restrictions in place to combat the coronavirus.  We are dedicated to helping those in need in the South Wood County area with food. To that end, we are pleased to announce we will provide meals every Thursday but only as to-go meals. Distribution times will be 4:30 pm to 5:15 pm.

    We plan to accomplish this by using our process for distributing food at the mobile food pantries. Thus, you will need to select your pickup time below and when you arrive during your time slot, our volunteers will place the reserved number of meals in your vehicle with minimal contact. Then, you leave and enjoy your meal at home. We ask that you order only one meal per person living in your household.

    Please remember, these meals are for those in need.  While we can’t offer our friendly atmosphere and social connection during this time, we do want you to know we care.  Our first experience of distributing these meals on April 2nd left us quite disappointed. Many people who reserved meals did not show to pick them up. So, as a result, we are monitoring the no-shows.  If you miss picking up your reserved meals twice in a row without cancelling, you will not be eligible for the next pick-up date.

    Please accurately fill in the form below to reserve your meal(s) for Thursday, December 8th. Our sponsor for these to-go meals is Hay Creek Pallet   — thank you very much for your generous support!  We have a limited number of to-go meals, so you must reserve in order to pick them up. When we have reached capacity, we will shut down the request form.  Please be aware that we typically turn off the reservation form by noon on Thursdays so the cooks can plan accordingly.

    Please be sure to show up at your approved time to get the meals you have reserved. Thank you!