• How You Can Help

  • Kitchen and Dining Room – A cleaning solution is prepared with bleach to wipe surfaces such as stove tops, front and sides; countertops; cupboard surfaces; sinks and faucets; microwave; serving area; dining tables and chairs; etc. Rags must be rinsed frequently during this process. Perform other cleanup duties such as sweeping and mopping the floors.

    Dishwasher Cleaning – Using safety glasses and gloves, delime the dishwasher referring to a specific checklist that will be provided. The dishwasher is to be sterlized and the traps cleaned of residue. Last steps include adding Bio-clean and wiping all surfaces dry.

    We need volunteers who are free at these times:  Occasional – Weekly

    These volunteer opportunities are available to those who are age 18 or older.

    Contact:  Bonnie Lewis